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Graphic Organisers
Graphic organisers will help children to organise ideas and communicate more effectively. Graphic organisers are designed to facilitate understanding of key concepts by allowing students to drill down to the basic points and ideas. By using graphic organisers cross all subject areas, you will be empowering your students to master subject matter faster and more effectively.
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Schools History Graphic Organisers PowerPoint Presentation
This organiser is good to use when examining the causes of a problem
Attribute Diagram
This diagram is useful in identifying the characteristics or attributes of something.

5 w's and a how
An effective strategy to identify the aspects of a topic.

Cause and effect chain
The chain is used to record a series of cause and effect relationships.
Prediction Tree
The prediction tree is a web with purpose. The major topic or problem is written in the square box at the bottom of the tree. Possible predictions or probable outcomes are recorded in the various prediction boxes. On the proof lines, record facts that either support or negate the predictions.
Organising tree
The organising tree organises information and ideas on a topic.
Cycle Graph
This graph is useful when identifying events that tend to be circular or cyclical in nature.

KWL Chart
A useful strategy for organising thoughts at the beginning of an inquiry in order to reflect on them at its conclusion.

    • K – What we know,
    • W – What we want to know and
    • L – What we’ve learnt.

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